Personal Injury

A Dedicated Team of Attorneys Protecting People

The Virginia Personal Injury Litigation Group is centered on representing individuals—real people, not corporations or insurance companies—who have been injured through the reckless, careless or intentional actions of others.

Our Philosophy

We limit the number of cases we take so that we may devote substantial resources, thought and attention to each of our personal injury cases. Several of our lawyers previously practiced in very large law firms, and we strive to provide extraordinary legal assistance to individuals who could never afford to pay the rates large law firm demand. In effect, we level the playing field by taking the “corporate law firm” approach used by large firms to defend corporate clients and using it to represent our personal injury clients in fighting insurance companies and corporations for civil justice. In today’s business-first political climate, the basic rights of individuals are rapidly losing ground to the prerogatives of big business and the companies that insure them. By making your fight our fight, we partner with our personal injury clients to make justice a reality.

The Sooner the Better - Retain a Personal Injury Lawyer Before Precious Time Is Lost

In the wake of an injury—from any source—a motor vehicle accident, an unsafe product, or a dangerous condition of land—many victims and their families don't know where to turn for the critical legal advice they'll need to guide them through what can be an intimidating and confusing time. Choices injured persons and their families make in the days immediately following an injury or wrongful death can have a lasting impact on their rights to compensation for damages and injuries. Defendants have insurance companies to protect them—you should have an advocate as well. Our attorneys have assisted injured individuals and their families in a variety of areas.